Terms of usage:

This service is provided by a private person/organization (in the following called "service provider") for users (in the following called "service users") which are persons in the teaching business, but also for private persons for private usage. It is not designed for commercial use in any terms. If you create an account in the ?guesswhat? server, you agree with the following terms:

1: The service provider does not guarantee for any quality of service (availability, reliability, data consistency, performance etc.). However, if you see any problems, you are welcome to inform the service provider in order to allow him to analyze and eventually fix the problem.

2: The service provider does not take over any responsibility concerning the content of the games (e.g. questions/answers) provided and displayed (or made accessible) via the server, due to the fact that the content is provided by the service users.

3: The service user guarantees, that he will not enter any content in the system that is politically, morally, sexually or personally inadequate. The service provider has the right to delete any content that seems to be inadequate for any use without any further notice. If any service user spots any inadequate content, he will inform the service provider, so that he can decide if the content will be deleted.

4: The service provider has the right to delete any account or data from the server without any further notice. The service user has no right that his account or data will remain, if the service provider decides to delete his account or data.

5: The service user will make a copy of all entered data, so that he will not lose any information if the data on the server will get lost or will be deleted.

6: Every user who creates public game grids agrees and accepts, that his content will be used and copied by other users.